Refuse Chute Sign – No Throwing Lighted Matches


Refuse Chute Sign – No Throwing Lighted Matches

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NYCAC §27-848(b)

refuse chute sign


  • Materials available: Aluminum Sign Or Plastic
  • Size 8″ Inches Wide X 11″ Inches High, Custom Sizes Available
  • Mounting: Sign available with or without mounting holes in each corner. Sign available with Foam Mounting Tape.
  • Sign Corners: Sign available with Rounded Corners or Square Corners
  • Colors: Sign is made in Black with White Letters, White with Black Letters, Brushed Aluminum (silver color) with Black Letters, Brushed Gold with Black Letters, Custom Colors Available

$44.95 Per Sign + $10.00 Shipping

On every door that opens into a space in which a service opening into a refuse chute is located, or on the wall directly over the service opening into the chute, the following sign shall be permanently and conspicuously posted: “THROWING LIGHTED MATCHES, CIGARS OR CIGARETTES, CARPET SWEEPINGS, NAPTHALENE, CAMPHOR BALLS OR FLAKES, FLOOR SCRAPINGS, OIL SOAKED RAGS, EMPTY PAINT CANS, AEROSOL CONTAINERS, OR ANY OTHER FLAMMABLE OR HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE OR EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCE INTO THIS CHUTE IS UNLAWFUL AND SUBJECTS THE OFFENDER TO A PENALTY”. Such signs shall be designed as follows:

(1) Signs on doors leading to the service openings and on walls over service openings shall be at least eight inches wide and three inches high, with lettering at least one-quarter inch high. The signs shall be located on the hall side approximately five feet above the floor.

(2) The lettering of the signs shall be of bold type, and shall be properly spaced to provide good legibility. The lettering and the background shall be of contrasting colors.

(3) Signs shall be durable and shall be securely attached to the door or wall.

(4) Sufficient lighting shall be provided so that the signs are easily readable at all times.