Gas / Electrical Meter Room (Prohibiting Storage)


Gas / Electrical Meter Room (Prohibiting Storage)

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NYCAC §28-901 Appendix E.3 Gas Meter Prohibiting Storage

NYCAC-28-901 Gas Electrical Meter RoomGas Meter Room No Storage Permitted Sign


  • Materials available: Aluminum Sign Or Plastic
  • Size 8.5″ Inches Wide X 4″ Inches High, Custom Sizes Available
  • Mounting: Sign available with or without mounting holes in each corner. Sign available with Foam Mounting Tape.
  • Sign Corners: Sign available with Rounded Corners or Square Corners
  • Colors: Sign is made in Black with White Letters, White with Black Letters, Brushed Aluminum (silver color) with Black Letters, Brushed Gold with Black Letters, Custom Colors Available

$32.95 Per Sign + $10.00 Shipping

Gas meter rooms, when provided, shall at all times be kept clear of all rubbish; and shall not be used in any way for storage purposes, including material or equipment of any kind. A legible sign reading “Gas meter room‒No storage permitted” shall be permanently and conspicuously posted on the exterior of the meter room door, except that the sign may be posted on the interior of the meter room door in Occupancy Group R-3. The lettering of such signs shall be of bold type at least 1 inch (25 mm) in height and shall be properly spaced to provide good legibility. The lettering and background shall be of contrasting colors.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 4 × .1 in