No Smoking Sign


No Smoking Sign NYC § 17-506(a)


NYC § 17-506(a)

no smoking sign


  • Materials available: Aluminum Sign Or Plastic
  • Size 8.5″ Inches Wide X 4″ Inches High, Custom Sizes Available
  • Mounting: Sign available with or without mounting holes in each corner. Sign available with Foam Mounting Tape.
  • Sign Corners: Sign available with Rounded Corners or Square Corners
  • Colors: Sign is made in Black with White Letters, White with Black Letters, Brushed Aluminum (silver color) with Black Letters, Brushed Gold with Black Letters, Custom Colors Available

$32.95 Per Sign + $10.00 Shipping

Except as may otherwise be provided by rules promulgated by the commissioner, “Smoking” or “No Smoking” signs or the international symbols indicating the same, “Electronic Cigarette Use Permitted” or “Electronic Cigarette Use Prohibited” signs, “No Tobacco Use Permitted” or “Use of Tobacco Products Prohibited” signs, or any other signs necessary to comply with the provisions of this chapter, as applicable, shall be prominently and conspicuously posted where smoking, using electronic cigarettes, or using smokeless tobacco is either prohibited, permitted or otherwise regulated by this chapter, by the owner, operator, manager or other person having control of such area. The size, style and location of such signs shall be determined in accordance with rules promulgated by the commissioner, but in promulgating such rules, the commissioner shall take into consideration the concerns of the various types of establishments regulated herein with respect to the style and design of such signs.